Hire one of our stunning StarliteXpress Magic Mirrors or Photo Booths for your wedding or private event and be confident that you and your guests will be entertained in the most wonderful and memorable way.

Our Magic Mirrors and Photo Booths let your guests have loads of fun capturing hilarious photos of themselves dressed up in all sorts of crazy props and accessories. These photos can not only be taken away by your guests to enjoy, but a duplicate photo can also be included in a guest book, where your guests can write a little message for you as a little memento of the occasion.

Not only do our Magic Mirrors and Photo Booths look stunning, they also use the latest cutting edge technology.

The Magic Mirror

You may have used a Photo Booth, but have you seen the NEW Magic Mirror from StarliteXpress? The Magic Mirror takes the photo booth experience to a whole new level and is so simple to use.

Just stand in front of the huge touch screen mirror, tap the screen and the unbelievable animations will talk and guide you through each photo. After your full length selfie pictures have been taken, you can then sign your photo on screen with your finger. The photo is then instantly printed, completing your fully interactive fun experience. It’s great for large group photos too!

Its compact so can be placed anywhere in your venue. This fully interactive photo experience is fantastic for weddings, birthdays, proms, etc.

Magic mirror between two StarliteXpress banners with poles

Magic mirror between two uplit StarliteXpress banners

The Vintage Photo Booth

We at StarliteXpress wanted to have something different and more durable from all the other photo booths on the market, something that looks stylish, would include the latest in technology and wouldn’t fall over from a hard push. Well, here it is, the StarliteXpress Vintage Photo Booth.

People posing for a photo inside the vintage photo booth


The Oval Photo Booth

This photo booth is of the classic design that started the whole sensation. It is the most sought after and popular photo booth on the market. It is spacious, so that you and all your friends can share the photo booth experience together, after all, it’s all about the fun. Our photo booth can be designed and branded for our corporate clients.

Oval photo booth with light up sign between two banners and props


Props and Customised Prints

We offer a wide range of fun props so that you and your friends can enjoy hours of fun.Prints can be customised to your personal requirements.



Photo booth template for EE Christmas party


The StarliteXpress Photo Booth Experience

Before your event starts

The photo booth is delivered to your event at least 1 to 1.5 hours before your event starts. This allows our experienced staff to assemble the photo booth and check that it is in perfect working order prior to your event starting. The photo booth assistant will also set out all the various props and accessories on a table, so that your guests can easily view them, before deciding which ones to use.

During your event

Your guests will be able to enter the photo booth individually or in groups of 2 to 6. The photo booth assistant will ask your guests which props they would like to use and will help to dress them in these props before they enter the booth. The assistant will then escort them into the booth and show your guests how to use the touch screen. Your guests will then pose for 4 individual photos, with enough time between those photos for your guests to change or swap props with each other. After the photos are taken, they will be printed out in about 10 to 15 seconds from our high tech printer, the assistant will then give your guests their photo to take with them. If your event includes a guest book, two sets of photos will be printed out, one set will be given to your guests to take away and the second set, with your guests permission, will be stuck in the guest book by the assistant, who will also ask your guests if they would like to write a message next to their photos. The guest book will be presented to you after the event, so you will have a little memento of your special occasion.

After your event

The photo booth will be dismantled and taken away, which will take about 1 hour. All the photos taken in the booth at your event will be uploaded in a few days to our Facebook page as a separate album.

Photo Booth Equipment

The photo booth consists of state of the art equipment which are used to ensure that your event runs smoothly, and that your guests photographs are of the highest quality. The equipment used in our booth consists of the following:

  • Canon DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera

We do not use webcams or sub-standard cameras in our booths. We use the latest professional standard cameras that produce high resolution pictures.

  • High Speed Dye Sublimation Printer

These produce a much better quality photograph in a quicker time than the inferior ink-jet printers.

  • Touchscreen Monitor

The touchscreen monitor enables your guests to quickly select various picture options by simply touching parts of the screen.

  • State of the art laptop

The whole system is kept running by the use of a state of the art laptop running the latest operating system, which is kept updated.

Photo Booth Inclusives

The many items included with your photo booth as standard are described below:

  • 3 Hours of Hire Time

Our booths come with 3 hours of hire as standard. Additional hire time can be purchased (see the Photo Booth Extras section).

  • Unlimited Prints

Your guests can have their photos taken as often as they like during the hire period, so the fun just keeps going.

  • A Prop Box

A prop box containing a wide selection of hilarious props and accessories.

  • Our Friendly Photo Booth Assistant

A professional and friendly assistant to make the use of the photo booth run smooothly, and to make sure all your guests have a wonderful time.

  • Green Screen Technology

With Green Screen, your guests can choose from a selection of backgrounds before they have their photo taken. They could have their photo taken as though they where in Vegas, Hawaii, the Alps or even Amsterdam. Some hire companies charge for green screen, we include it for free.

  • A Guest Book for Special Occasions*

Your guests can leave a copy of their photo with a message in the guest book as a memento to you of your event. *The guest book is only included free of charge for Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays.

  • Facebook Upload

Your guests photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page, so that your guests can view the photos taken at your event and tag their friends.

  • Free Delivery

The photo booth will be delivered and installed free of charge within a radius of 50 miles of Middlesbrough.

Photo Booth Extras

The many items included with your photo booth as standard are described below:

  • Additional Hours

If 3 hours of hire isn’t enough, then you can purchase additional hours of photo booth fun.

  • Idle Hours

Save money when your booth isn’t being used during your event dinner, etc., by purchasing idle hours, so you can save money and not waste your hours of hire.

  • Video Messaging

Your guests can leave a video message.

  • Guest Book

Your guests can leave a photo and a message in the guest book as a memento of the event.

  • Custom Photo Branding

You can have your photos custom branded with your colour scheme and you can also add a few lines of text of your choosing. For corporate events, your company logo can easily be shown with every photo taken in the booth.